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Later this month,there is to be a large patch for BF4,
They will be adding the Gun Master game and get this one of its modes is called Troll.
In Gun Master after every two kills you get a new weapon and the game is played until a player has killed with all the weapons.
In the troll mode,the first weapon is a ballistic sheild to kill with and it goes downhill from there lol
repair tool,c4,clays,de fibs etc.
Spongy and Caseem will love it :)

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Seems like fun.

So the clan site's video embedding plug in no longer seems to support youtube which I guess is just due to time and youtube changes.

Steam/Origin: Ps2jak2
CPU : Core I5 6600K 16GB DDR4 2800MHZ Video Card: RX480 8GB
uXc TS - Gone due to lack of use. Possibly getting a discord.
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